March 27, 2011

Meal Plans 2/7 Through 3/25/11

It's been a while since I've posted my family's home-cooked meals.  There is a week gap in between the last meal plan post and this one because I went out of town for a week. I'm still doing well in cooking 4 to 5 dinners a week for my family.  In February, I started preparing one dinner a week that was some sort of hot sandwich, wrap, or burger.  I have continued to do so since.  This has helped keep the cost down.  I'm always on the look out for new interesting hot sandwich recipes.

Here's a run down of what we've been eating.  You can click on the dishes, and it will take you to my recipe page if you want to try making any of these dishes. 

1.  BBQ chicken baked potatoes and a green salad

When I make BBQ chicken baked potatoes, I buy shredded BBQ chicken in a container from the grocery store that you just microwave (i.e. Loyd's brand).  They have chicken, pork, and beef that you can choose from.  Super easy weeknight meal?  Check.

2.  Crock pot Italian beef sandwiches and grilled eggplant

I'm not including a recipe for the eggplant.  Basically, you just cut up the eggplant into thin slices, sprinkle salt and pepper on it, drizzle it with olive oil, and then grill it on an indoor grill or grill pan.

3.  Indonesian chicken, Asian green beans, and quick Asian salad

4.  Poblano Florentine casserole and a green salad

5.  Fish tacos and cheesy polenta stuffed red bell peppers

The peppers were delicious, but by the end, I was starting to get tired of the red bell pepper.  My husband and I decided that we will adapt this recipe to a casserole the next time, using the same ingredients and measurements, but just less red bell pepper.

6.  Liz's Chili (and Frito pie for left-overs) and a green salad

I think I accidentally deleted this picture from my camera.  I'll upload a picture when I make it again.

I've tried many chili recipes, but none beat Liz's recipe.

7.  Grilled Ranch chicken & veggie sandwiches, easy potato pancake with sneaky vegetables, and a green salad

The grilled Ranch chicken can also be a dish on its own

8.  Smoky shrimp with creamy grits and a green salad

9.  Greek quesadillas and roasted winter vegetables

I am not posting the recipe for the Greek quesadillas on my recipe page.  They were not good, so I am going to spare you all.

10.  Mexican pizzas and home made easy mexicorn

11.  Italian burgers on wheat buns, roasted veggies, and a green salad

12.  Grilled sweet chili chicken, crispy Caribbean veggie wraps with salsa for dipping, and a green salad

13.  Grilled Cajun catfish fillets, sauteed spinach, and mashed cauliflower

14.  Breakfast tacos for dinner and a fresh fruit salad

15.  Crock pot chicken pot pie and a green salad

16.  Spicy chuck wagon soup and a green salad

We had an extra beef chuck roast in the freezer from a buy-one-get-one-free sale a couple of months ago.  Meats like roasts are great to have on hand in the freezer when you can buy them at a great price.

17.  Spaghetti with home made spaghetti sauce, garlic toast, and a green salad

Making my own spaghetti sauce is healthier than processed jarred spaghetti sauce.  It's also cheaper in the long run because it makes several batches, so I freeze what I don't use, and then pull it out a few months later for another spaghetti or lasagna meal.  My husband and I make this spaghetti sauce on the Senior High Mission trip with our church every year, and it's a hit.

18.  Salmon patty sandwiches and baked sweet potato fries

19.   Lentil-barley vegetable skillet and Germany-style salad

20.  Hamburger corn bread casserole and zucchini Santa Fe

21.  Pesto shrimp pasta toss and Germany-style salad

22.  Asian lettuce wraps (like Pei Wei's or P.F. Chang's) and spiced glazed carrots

I probably won't make the spiced glazed carrots again.  They were good, but the flavors were a bit bold for us to have a second time.

23.  Jalapeno-apricot pork tenderloin and roasted root vegetables

24.   BBQ sausage link sandwiches on toasted wheat bread, sweet potato fries, and a chef's salad

25.  Round steak with potatoes, German cauliflower, and a green salad

I love one pot dishes because of their simplicity.  My mother-in-law who is from Germany came over for dinner this night and brought her delicious German cauliflower.  She makes a rue and uses German seasonings.  It is crazy good.  It's actually the dish that got me to start eating cauliflower years ago.  Now, I love cauliflower lots of different ways thanks to her!

26.  Texan Ranch Chicken Casserole and a green salad

This has a Texan twist on the traditional King Ranch Chicken Casserole.

27.  Ground beef zucchini skillet and a green salad

28.  Mr. Roark's Beef and Sausage Jambalaya, cheddar biscuits, and a green salad

29.  Ham, egg, and cheese croissants for a Saturday breakfast

I love it when my husband makes us breakfast on the weekends!

30.  Grilled cheese sandwiches on wheat bread and ABC Vegetarian soup (from a can)

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