April 27, 2011

Egg Map

I write about a variety of stuff on this blog-- my spiritual journey as a woman trying to live a more godly life, being a mom and organizing my home and life, teaching my son things, cooking, and sometimes just random thoughts that I've had.  This is one of those posts that is about a really random thought that also relates to spiritual things.  Fair warning:  it's kind of cheesy.

One of my favorite shows is Gilmore Girls.  It bit the dust when the WB channel became the CW a few years back, but you can catch re-runs on ABC Family.  It takes place in the make believe, picturesque, quirky little town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, where there is a town festival for just about everything.  Each episode revolves around a single mother and her relationship with her daughter, but there is always a sub-plot that involves something ridiculous and humorous happening in this unique, fun little New England town.

In one episode, the townspeople started to smell an awful stench all over town.  Come to find out, during the annual Stars Hollow Easter egg hunt in the town square, not all the eggs were found.  The ever rule-abiding, annoyingly strict, and  rule-enforcing person who was usually in charge of such town events, Taylor Dose, was not there to run the festival this year.  He chose his fumbling and odd sidekick, Kirk, to run the event in his absence.  The whole town was dumbstruck that Kirk had failed to make an egg map, which would show the precise locations of all the hidden eggs, to avoid such a disaster.  I have never heard of such a thing, but every character seemed baffled by Kirk's mistake.  The town stank to high heaven from the smell of old, rotting, rank hard-boiled eggs that had been baking in the sun for several weeks.  Kirk looked and looked for the missing eggs that were stinking up the town, but he could not find them.  He searched day and night to no avail, and the town kept getting stinkier and stinkier.  He worked himself into a panic.  Finally, after a little help from the local diner owner, Luke, who took pity on him, all the eggs were found.  Kirk vowed to never have an Easter egg hunt without first making an egg map ever again, and all was well in Stars Hollow again.

I'm a big t.v. and movie girl, so when I was hiding eggs in my yard on Easter Sunday this past week for my little boy, I thought about this episode.  But of course, lately, it seems like everything I think about has a parallel.  Nerdy, I know.  So, this is your warning.  Get ready for the corniness in 3, 2, 1...

Do I have an egg map for my life?  Or do I just randomly go throughout life with no map or guide?  Does my life sometimes give off a stench like those nasty, rotten eggs?  I hope not, but let's face it.  I'm sure that it does.  I think those stinky eggs can be compared to our sins.  Even when we try to hide them, they still give off a gross, powerful stench that cannot be ignored.  God can't stand the smell of them.  It should bother us as much as it bothers God, but sometimes we wait to find and throw away those putrid eggs until we absolutely can't take the smell anymore.  We let the stench get really bad before we address the problem.  Maybe if we just ignore the stench, the problem will go away.  Yeah, not likely.  We'd just rather walk in the stench. 

Thank goodness we have Jesus.  He helps us realize how much we need his help in finding those rotten eggs and disposing of them so that we can smell fresh and clean again.  If we just relied on the map--God's grace, the Holy spirit leading us, prayer, worship, our faith communities, and the scriptures, maybe we wouldn't veer off course so much and wonder around aimlessly in a panic.  If we used this map, then it seems like it would be easier to quickly find that one stinky egg in our lives and chunk it in the garbage.  Thank God for the egg maps.

Told you it was cheesy.


  1. I miss Kirk! I love that episode.
    So true, my friend.
    Sometimes the stench of our attitude or our words creep up on us and we realize how toxic it is to those around us. How are we possibly glorifying God? I struggle sometimes with the grace side and letting that go and saying "okay, you messed up. move on"
    Thanks for this reminder. :)

  2. I'm always thankful for the Blood.